Delicious Protein Pancakes by Rob Lipsett

Fuel Cakes is back and better than ever

It took a year to revamp everything. Got back 30% of the company, came up with a new plan, found a new manufacturer, and improved the main product.

The 2023 version has 1.7g fat, 14g protein (down from 18g), 24g carbs (1.7g sugar), and 172 calories.

Experience the goodness of gluten-free flour blend, buttermilk powder, and a blend of whey concentrate and pea isolate for elevated protein content.

The Video that started it all

Over eight years ago I uploaded a YouTube video titled "How to Make Perfect Protein Pancakes"...

And if you've been a subscriber of mine you'll know just how often I include them in my diet to keep lean & on track.

So it only makes sense for me to bring the perfect protein pancake mix to the masses back again.

Our brand NEW and IMPROVED product is produced with full IRISH ingredients - get yours below, you won't regret it!

Customer reviews
The best protein pancakes you’ll find on the internet. You get a pre-mixed pouch and a scoop. Simply add water/milk and cook. Unreal.
— Daniel
Delicious Pancakes, Light, Fluffy & Fulfilling.
— Gemma F.
Truly the tastiest protein pancakes I’ve ever tasted by far!
— Shanice G.