4 Day Upper Lower Program


Product Description

This is a hypertrophy program that uses linear progression, suitable to anyone looking for a tough workout, noticeable results, overall aesthetics and to leave the gym pumped. It is of course suited to both males & females.

Who is this program for? An upper/lower body split routine is one of the most effective methods of training for the majority of people. The main exception to this is beginners (Less than 1 year of training) who tend to do better with full body workouts. This program is aimed at intermediate to advanced trainees, I use this plan myself when I have a busy schedule or when I am travelling and know I will only have time for 4 sessions that week. It is of course suitable for both males and females.

An upper and lower split is a schedule in which Upper Body Days are alternated with Lower Body Days. This allows for workouts on consecutive days, as there is little overlap between muscles trained in each workout. Often I recommended people to start on the 3 Day Full Body Split and once progression is reached on that split and volume demands go up, move on to the 4 Day Upper Lower to distribute your weekly training volume more efficiently, it allows each muscle group to be trained at the ideal frequency range of between once every 3 to 5 days.

This isn’t just a program where I give you the sets and reps and send you on your way, it includes training notes and tips for every single day amongst other things.

All laid out in an easy to read printable format with spaces left so you can write in / track your progress week to week. I cannot stress the importance of keeping note of what you’re lifting, how do you know you’re progressing if you’re not taking note of it? And that is the name of the game, progress.

Don’t be that person wandering around the gym looking lost unsure of where to go next. Go in there with a plan, kill it, leave.

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